Our team can deal with all different aspects of Companies and Individuals taxation such direct and indirect tax.

The Cyprus taxation blueprint for individuals is applied on income accrued or earned in Cyprus on worldwide income. Someone can be considered to be resident of Cyprus for tax purposes, if she/he spends more than 183 days in Cyprus in any one calendar year.  If that person is Non tax Cyprus resident, he/she is taxed only for the incomes accrued or earned from Cyprus sources.

A company can be acknowledged as a tax resident of Cyprus if it is controlled and managed from Cyprus. 

In addition, the company’s board meetings should be held in Cyprus regularly in order for the company to be acknowledged as a tax resident. Therefore, if a company is managed and controlled in Cyprus we would consider that the company’s director is a resident of Cyprus.

We can build together a careful structure for your business. Our professionals have dealt with numerous situations thus mitigating problems arising with Cypriot and international companies, in order to ensure that no tax savings are lost in the process. The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Christos Marinou, has broad knowledge on taxation matters and deep knowledge and experience on taxation issues in different sectors of the economy.  

We hand over assistance for matters such as:

  • Capital Gain Tax
  •  Corporation Tax
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Giving advice to our clients on Tax Objection for specific matters and help to  prepare and submit it.
  •  In the examination of companies by the Cyprus Tax Department.
  • Land Transfer fees
  • On obtaining a tax clearance certificate for expatriate employees. The Tax clearance certificate is a necessary document for the renewal of the work permit in Cyprus.
  •  On obtaining Tax Residence Certificates for individuals and companies.
  • On other administrative reports.
  • On personal taxation applicable in Cyprus based on the Cyprus Tax.
  • On the issue of Certificates by the Social Insurance Department.
  • Registration with Income Tax Authorities
  • Social Insurance
  • To companies wishing to obtain tax compliance services to ensure all statutory and tax filings are made within time.