Audit Services

Audit service is the examination of the financial report from the annual report and its purpose is for us to be able to form an opinion whether the information presented in the financial report gives the true and fair view of the organization at a given date.

Audit is changing rapidly because of the dynamics of some industries, different client’s demands, new technologies leading to a constant change of the regulatory environment. The audit department in Chr. Marinou & Co delivers the highest quality of audit by promptly adopting any regulatory changes so as to pass them on to our clients efficiently and effectively.

Nowadays the market is asking for more effective and trusted audit. Therefore, we can understand that need. We offer our clients the highest standard quality service which provides assurance for the adequacy of procedures and ensures that the financial statement reflects accurate financial information to the shareholders and other interested users.

Audit is not solely pure compliance with the laws and control of the procedure but it gives an in-depth understanding of the company’s long-term success.

We hand over assistance for matters such as:

  • International Business Companies
  • Privately Held Entries
  • Statutory and regulatory audit and issuance of an Audit opinion on the financial statements of a company using the  International Standards of Auditing (ISAs)
  • Other non-statutory assurance services such as due diligence assignments, processes and controls assessment, audit services, budget setting review and other management report review.
  • We provide assistance to clients for proper filing of the respective submissions required under the Law to the Cyprus Government Authorities and other Regulators, such as the:
    • Inland Revenue Department
    • Registrar of Companies,
    • Vat Authorities,
    • Social Insurance